We like to pamper you! The rich breakfast is really BIO and is prepared with care and rigorous attention: milk, fresh and local only we also use it to prepare yogurth, for cakes we use ingredients km 0, the juices most of the time are freshly prepared ‘fruit extractor, jams contain only our fruit and a little sugar strictly from cane, our “nutella” is prepared with selected ingredients (without palm oil!) Honey is produced by our bees that we bring to places far from sources of smog, the bread is prepared with the flour of our wheat that we grow in an uncontaminated area at 1,350 mtl.

The biscuits are almost all typical and produced in the best pastry shops in the area.
The wide selection of herbal teas, when they are not “home” and the teas come, for the most part, from organic crops. In the summer, fruit can be harvested directly from the trees.
The selection of cured meats and cow’s and goat’s cheeses is carefully chosen among the producers of Valle d’Aosta excellence.

The few products not produced by us are strictly BIO.

Trois Couronnes

V. Cesar Ollietti 47
11015 - La Salle (Ao) Italy


+39 335.394566